The Beginning…

The year was 1994, like most shapers at the time, I started plowing foam in my shed along with a good mate, we wanted to have a go at making surfboards for ourselves, the first attempts were average but the boards were functional and I was already hooked on the shaping/glassing process. We created a label called Powerlines Surfboards and kept making boards for ourselves and close mates. A local surf shop started stocking my boards and I offered them a ding repair service, I  started getting a good reputation and following with surfers at my local west coast surf break. The fire was lit.


The year was 1999 I was picked up as the  head shaper for Hot Buttered Surfboards in Auckland, this was massive jump in production and an amazing learning experience, for the next 7 years I hand shaped customs,shop stock and boards  for HB team riders including Larry Fisher, Rowan Smith, Nick Hardy, Michia Davies, and many more.

  • In 2004 I had the opportunity to shape Hawaiian Island Creations surfboards  under the guidance of master  craftsman Eric Arakawa, head shaper, this was a massive honour to shape an iconic brand from the birth place of surfing and team riders Andy Irons, Shane Beachen etc. I was so stoked to finally Meet Eric in Australia,we talked surfboard design and where H.I.C was heading, he was and still is the most insiring Shaper I have meet.

Eric AraKawa Quote 2005:  Johnny (Jdub) is a real craftsmen.


Full Circle

  • By now my own board label had evolved to be called J-dub Surfboards nz I was stoked to be back shaping my own boards full time, by now I had hundreds of boards under my belt. Yet another door opened to shape for Ultimate Surf and Skate store in 2007 so I moved into the shop on Aucklands North Shore, I was shaping customs, stock boards and doing ding repairs all in house. I was always learning  new techniques and had developed my own style in board design.
  • I have also worked with most of the industry in Auckland including HC, Steve Morris, Nick Tansley and Primal Surfboards.

The Present

  • This brings us to date with many great surfing/shaping memories and adventures along the way I now have  23 years experience in the surf industry  and over 30 years as a surfer. My focus is on custom boards and high quality products,my goal is to always to be progressive and my surfboards are a reflection of this belief. J-dub Surfboards are made with a passion and are the very best handcrafted products available.
J-dub with his latest creation, the V-Twin.

  • Here at J-dub Surfboards we really care about our customers and want the very best results for all your surfing goals what ever they maybe. , I personally like to form relationships with my customers and base this on good communication. All my boards are of the highest quality weather its fully hand shaped or boards I’ve designed and cut on the latest AKU AP3000 shaping machine.We use the latest techniques and up to the minute shapes and designs.

  • The whole glassing/finishing process is taken care of by Laminating Glass Co, the finish and materials are the best available. We do PU/polyester and Eps/epoxy constructions,also  resin tints and gloss & polish, fabric inlays and high end finishes. We give free quotes and advice so feel free to contact us and have a chat with J-dub.

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